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Play with Kosmo

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Thanks for the clever gadget from ABowman. My dog can now distract me both in real life and by computer. Give Kozzy a treat; she's being so good. 

Trying Encaustic Photography

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Recently, I was introduced to encaustic wax painting through my friend, artist Annie Singer. I thought it could be fun to try with photography because of its mysterious, atmospheric qualities. The idea of using melted bee’s wax interested me too. For my first exploration, I worked with images from my underwater project series.

Below are some of the wax-tastic results (portraits followed by some detail pics showing some of the textures in the wax).

If you're curious, I'd encourage you to try it. I worked with an instructor and artist, Clare O'Neill who offers workshops at her studio. There, you're exposed to techniques for layering photographs, wax, objects and pigments.

Big thanks to my underwater models and friends: Talley, Emily and Zofi. After last night’s snow storm (yes, in late April!), I cannot wait to get back into the pool!

A bit of sunny bling

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I ran across these photos today in one of my many “digital cubby holes”. Seeing them was a welcome blast of summer, recalling the warm day we took a few jewelry photos (the lovely work of the talented Annie Singer). Whether you’re in a beachy / sea glass mood, or one that’s a bit more refined and lovely, these baubles are so lovely to look at.

Summer’s coming.

Valentine Love

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In addition to being an amazing line of products, rareEARTH Naturals is run by a group of creative, caring and conscientious people. Who couldn’t love that? Again, thank you to Richfield Floral Design for setting the pretty scene.

May you each have a Valentine's Day filled with love & purpose (maybe even a pretty gift too?).

May you each have a Valentine's Day filled with love & purpose (maybe even a pretty gift too?).

Love is in the air

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With Valentine's Day coming next week and the winter weather we've been having, who wouldn't want to grab a big eyeful of these gorgeous flowers! My friend, Nancy from Richfield Floral Design whipped up a few floral feasts for the eyes. If there was ever a time for smell-o-vision, it would be now. Here were a couple of favorites...

Feeling Downton Inspired

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I’m a latecomer to the Downton Abbey Series (saw my first episode just a couple of months ago), but now I’m a goner. Season 3 starts tonight (at least here in the U.S.). It can’t be too soon for me.

The Edwardian time period in England has captured my imagination. The show is so well done, from the costumes, locations and performances to the history, storylines and the humor (who doesn't love a good Dowager Countess zinger!). Secretly, I’ve started talking to myself in various British accents, mostly downstairs Daisy or Anna, but occasionally, when I'm in a more posh Lady Mary mood, I won’t deny myself.

Enjoy a few Downton inspired photos taken around my house. If you like, share my love of Downton images, ideas and inspirations on my Pinterest board. Please leave me comments, and tell me your inspirations.

Accidental Blogger

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Happy Black Friday (“Green Friday” as we renamed it years ago at Best Buy) to my friends who work retail, as well as my bargain-hunting friends and fam. To the rest, I hope you are enjoying the day in your own way, maybe still digesting yesterday's turkey extravaganza?

Instead of shopping, I'm turning on my new website today. I'm eager to get some feedback, as I've been in my head about it for too long.

This section of my site is a bit of a blog. My intention is to reach out with a collection of interesting ideas, images, and insights that help me in approaching my business. While Articles & Insights takes shape, I look forward to staying in touch with you. I hope you'll let me know what you think.

Homage to the Twinkie... Deconstructed

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Since the announcement that Hostess was shuttin'r down, Twinkie posts have been running rampant. I've thought about the Twinkie in many ways: lard container, half-life-haver, fond memory of my 70's childhood lunch bag--if I was ever so “lucky”. Never thought of that golden cake treat this way though.

Thanks to Dwight Eschliman for breakin' it down for me. About 37 ingredients. See'm at http://eschlimanphoto.com/twinkie/ Here are three to start your visual walk through the chem lab, uh, I mean, the bakery.