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Feeling Downton Inspired

Added on by Andrea.

I’m a latecomer to the Downton Abbey Series (saw my first episode just a couple of months ago), but now I’m a goner. Season 3 starts tonight (at least here in the U.S.). It can’t be too soon for me.

The Edwardian time period in England has captured my imagination. The show is so well done, from the costumes, locations and performances to the history, storylines and the humor (who doesn't love a good Dowager Countess zinger!). Secretly, I’ve started talking to myself in various British accents, mostly downstairs Daisy or Anna, but occasionally, when I'm in a more posh Lady Mary mood, I won’t deny myself.

Enjoy a few Downton inspired photos taken around my house. If you like, share my love of Downton images, ideas and inspirations on my Pinterest board. Please leave me comments, and tell me your inspirations.