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Trying Encaustic Photography

Added on by Andrea.

Recently, I was introduced to encaustic wax painting through my friend, artist Annie Singer. I thought it could be fun to try with photography because of its mysterious, atmospheric qualities. The idea of using melted bee’s wax interested me too. For my first exploration, I worked with images from my underwater project series.

Below are some of the wax-tastic results (portraits followed by some detail pics showing some of the textures in the wax).

If you're curious, I'd encourage you to try it. I worked with an instructor and artist, Clare O'Neill who offers workshops at her studio. There, you're exposed to techniques for layering photographs, wax, objects and pigments.

Big thanks to my underwater models and friends: Talley, Emily and Zofi. After last night’s snow storm (yes, in late April!), I cannot wait to get back into the pool!